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Tyler BergAudere est Facere - To Dare Is To Do

About Me: A Brief Summary

About Me: A Brief Summary

Welcome to my eFoilio! Inside you will learn more about me and my experiences throughout my education at Holy Cross College. I am a senior Business student set to graduate in May of 2013. I have studied business throughout my Holy Cross career, however I am also minoring in Communications. I feel that Business and Communications go hand-in-hand and compliment each other well.

A strong business mind is great, however if you aren't an effective communicator, the chances of being successful in the workplace drop significantly. Also, being a great communicator is likely a beneficial asset to possess, however without prior business knowledge, success in the business world is equally unlikely. To possess both an understanding of business concepts as well as effective communication characteristics will likely lead to a more prosperous career. 

The theme I have attached to my eFolio and college career in general is "To Dare is to Do". I view this quote as a short and concise way to summarize my college experience. Filled with many positive moments and several negative, I would frequently consider whether or not my chosen path was the right one. You never know whether you will succeed or not unless you try, regardless of the situation, and this is what "To Dare is to Do" signifies. 

Tyler Berg

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Mr. Tyler S Berg

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